Startup Companies

In the Franklin group, we are always looking for opportunities to translate our laboratory discoveries into products that benefit society. Here is information on the startup companies we have spun out from technologies invented in the lab:



Tyrata ( was a tire health sensor and data analytics company that was founded based on printed carbon nanotube-based sensors developed in the Franklin lab. The company was funded by a $4.5M A-round in 2018, a $2.9M A1-round in 2020, and an additional strategic investment from Bridgestone Americas in 2022. In over 6 years of operations, Tyrata diversified its technology and product offerings, with primary focus evolving into a drive-over system for monitoring tire tread depth for large fleets of vehicles. The company was acquired by Bridgestone, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, in late 2023.



Versametrics ( is a measurement systems company seeking to accelerate electronic device and sensor development. What started as custom electronics created to enable specific research projects in the Franklin lab, has now been developed into highly versatile electronic charcterization tools that Versametrics seeks to make broadly available. The affordable, precise electrical characterization systems from Versametrics can enable new research labs or accelerate and expand studies in existing labs.