Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices

ECE 590.05: Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices

(Spring 2016 @ Duke University)

Course Description: After a brief review of semiconductor device physics this course will cover the most prominent emerging nanoelectronic devices.  The course will be divided into two parts: 1) nanoelectronic logic devices and 2) nanoelectronic memory devices.  Logic devices that will be covered include carbon nanotube transistors, spintronics, NEMS, tunnel FETs, and piezoelectronics.  Memory devices include phase change, spin transfer torque, nanomechanical, ferroelectric FET, and molecular memory.  Through this course, students will understand the basic operation, pros/cons of performance, and primary integration challenges for these emerging devices.  A case study project will be included to improve students’ ability to understand and extract information from journal papers through evaluation of a chosen nanoelectronic device, culminating with a presentation of their analysis to the class.

Syllabus: Syllabus Spring 2016  

Week 1Semiconductor device physics refresherNotes            Slides           Homework 1          
Week 2Scaling of MOSFETsNotesSlidesHomework 2 
Week 3Keeping pace with the fast-moving field of nanoelectronics    NotesSlidesHomework 3 
Week 4Novel silicon and III-V devicesNotesSlidesHomework 4 
Week 5Tunnel FETsNotesSlidesHomework 5 
Week 6Carbon nanotube FETsNotesSlidesHomework 6 
Week 72D FETsNotesSlidesHomework 7 
Week 8NEMS and piezoelectronicsNotesSlidesHomework 8 
Week 9Fe FET & SpintronicsNotesSlides  
Week 10Memory device roadmap and phase change memoryNotesSlides  
Week 11Project discussions and preparation work    
Week 12Project presentations    
Week 13    Future of nanoelectronic devices